-Java Scripting

-ASP's and SSI's

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe Premiere

-Corel Photopaint

-Corel Draw



-3D Studio Max

-Ray Dream Studio


-Microsoft Office:










-Windows 9X

-Windows NT


-Mac OS






-Customer Service

-Help Desk

-Understanding of Programming Techniques

-Excellent Written & Verbal Skills

-Team Player

-Love to Learn

-Self Motivated

-Well Organized

I got my first computer at age 12. It was a Commodore 64. It wasn't long before I became bored with running what programs I had for it and began looking at *how* they worked. I had mastered BASIC before I ever had a class on it in school. Then it was on to Assembly/Machine Code (about as low-level as you get, it's often written in binary). I graduated high school at 17 with honors in computer applications and science.

After high school I opted to attend a private technical college that was geared towards business and the latest cutting-edge technology. I chose the DeVry Institute of Technology in Grandview, Missouri. I studied CIS there for one year before taking a break to rethink my career goals. While at DeVry I was introduced to basic and advanced business practices, theories, and ethics, and studied JCL, COBOL, PASCAL, and C++.

I have always had a high level of interest in anything computer-related, especially the latest, most inovative technology. I have studied many subjects of my own volition from programming to graphics design. I am currently studying JAVA in order to be able to achieve a Java certification from Sun Microsystems. When I'm not tied up learning Java code I like to spend my time honing my skills

in programs like Photoshop and 3D Studio Max by Kinetix. And occasionally I find time to create a web page, like this one.

All of my hands-on job experience to date has been with Computer Express, Inc. -- Kansas City's leading computer rental company. I worked at Computer Express for 3 years from 1997 to 1999 as a general and sales manager. During my time with Computer Express I built over 150 pc's and repaired, configured, upgraded, networked, and installed approximately 1,000 pc desktops, laptops, and Macs. I worked with client accounts, wrote contractual agreements, and provided customer service and help-desk guidance. My only supervisor was the owner of the company, so often it was left up to me to make vital company decisions.

It was a great job, and I was sad to leave it, but I began to feel a need to expand my horizons. I was looking for a change of pace and a change of scenery. It was also time to continue my attainment of a higher education. I decided to move to Southern California. I took the first job that presented itself - working maintenance at an apartment complex in Orange. Now I am looking to re-enter the computer industry and make a name for myself. While my actual job experience is limited I have the skills and ambition to become a valuable asset. Put my skills to work for you!

-Rob Gray, Owner - Computer Express, Inc. - Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816.472.7001 Fax: 816. E-Mail: compuexp@netzero.com

-Janice Keith, Assistant Manager - LaVeta Grand Apts. - Orange, CA

Phone: 714.997.0982 Fax: 714.997.7942 **Current Employer**

-Nikki Justice, - Sprint - Huntington Beach, CA

Phone: 714.593.xxxx

-Susan Tozier, - Sprint - Lenexa, KS

Phone: 913.xxx.xxxx E-Mail: susantozier@sprint.mail.com

-Sherry Valentine, Case Worker - - Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816.531.1436 E-Mail:


If you are interested in contacting me about any job opportunities, please use the info below:

Daytime (work) Phone : 714.997.0982

Evening (home) Phone : 714.832.0380

E-Mail Address : lordpyre@netzero.com